πŸš€ New Project Launch: Curiosity of the Day


Stimulate your mind daily with 'Curiosity of the Day'.

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Road Trip Navigator


Navigate your USA road trip effortlessly! Plan daily stops with ease. πŸš—

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Speech Meter


Analyze your accent and improve your pronunciation!

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Term Typer


Unified package manager for JavaScript projects! One tool to run commands across different JavaScript packages and runtimes.

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Term Typer


Simply type the word and description to improve typing and vocabulary.

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Agency Gantt


Visualize your Pivotal Tracker stories and swimlanes more effectively with this Gantt chart integration.

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Dark Google Maps


A simple extension that darkens Google Maps to reduce eye strain. It's perfect for night-time navigation or for users who prefer a darker color scheme.

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Buy Something Retro


Get your very own piece of Retro Tech shipped directly to your home. You won’t know what you get until you open the box. Most purchases will be in working condition.

πŸš€ New Project Launch: Notes Tab


Transform your new tab screen into an amazing notes tool, keeping all your notes organized in one easily accessible place.

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Vocab Scrabble


Boost your word skills with AI-powered Vocab Scrabble. Play the smarter way and enjoy a new level of word game fun!

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Click Wheel JS


A Javascript Library that enables anyone to scroll their websites with the old iPod wheel.

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Coffee Video Call


Have a remote coffee break with friends or coworkers!

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Prisma Assistant


Prisma Assistant lets you interact with your schema conversationally to gain insights and generate code directly within your development environment.

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Compound Interest Calculator


The Compound Interest Calculator is a web page that was created to motivate people to invest their money. By providing basic details, users can calculate in a fun way how much profit they can make on their investments!

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: AI Plays Wordle


AI Plays Wordle pits you against ChatGPT in a competitive take on the well-liked Wordle game, where the goal is to outguess the AI in fewer tries to score higher points.

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Tailwind Skeleton Generator


Introducing the Tailwind Skeleton Generator: Effortlessly convert Tailwind + HTML (JSX/TSX) into captivating animated loaders, ensuring a seamless user experience as content loads.

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Uncertainty in Machine Learning


Uncertainty in Machine Learning is a web page that we developed to demonstrate in a simple way the potential issues that arise when AI becomes overconfident in a world where it's increasingly being used in all aspects of our lives. Come and explore traditional and different models that can be used to consider this uncertainty and improve the performance of AI.

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πŸš€ New Project Launch: Note Hacker


Notehacker was developed to help track the time taken during an interview. It provides insights into how long each task or action takes. However, it can also be used to take notes from a video, making it easier to remember where specific moments occur.

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πŸš€ New Project Launch Ticket Artisan


Ticket Artisan is a tool that takes your designs and converts them into usable tickets for developers to work on. It adds acceptance criteria, tech notes, and a general estimation in terms of complexity. It can also split your designs into multiple tickets with blockers to allow your developers to work in different swim lanes and split up the work. In the near future you can export these tickets to your project management tool to have them added to your sprints seamlessly.

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🧠 New Project Launch: Gemini vs. GPT


Ever wondered how different AI models respond to the same prompts? We're proud to unveil our latest project: This allows users to compare the outputs of Google’s Gemini Pro and OpenAI’s ChatGPT based on a single input prompt. It's an excellent tool for anyone intrigued by the intricacies of AI personality, conversational capabilities, and contextual understanding. Explore the differences and discover which AI best meets your needs! Bes sure to share your favorite prompt!

Share Your Ideas Through Our Project Request Form


Have an ingenious project in mind? We are all ears! Our new Project Request Form is now live. This is your chance to let us know what kind of projects you're interested in seeing developed. Your input is incredibly valuable, and we’re keen on building things that matter to you. Don't keep those brilliant ideas to yourself; request away!

🐦 We're Tweeting Again!


In an effort to reconnect and keep the conversation going, we have resumed our activity on Twitter. Follow us @DailySkunkwork to stay updated on daily musings, project teasers, and the latest news in tech and innovation. Join us on X platform for even more engagement. Together, let's build a community that's buzzing with energy and creativity!

πŸš€ Introducing Our New Community Hub: Same Day Skunkworks


We are excited to announce the launch of our new community site, Same Day Skunkworks! This platform is designed to be the central hub for our most passionate and innovative members. It's a place to meet, collaborate, and share insights on the freshest projects developed by our Skunkworks team. Make sure to check it out and join the growing community of creators and thinkers!

Our Changelog is now live!


We're always looking for better way to communicate with our audience and now we're going to regularly post about changes, updates, and new launches!